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wizz (2)

 RnB’s would like to present to you Wizard.  Wizard is from the Dogs of Steel litter in Vermont. We hope everyone will watch him grow into  the dog we think he will be. Thank You guys for letting us have this opportunity to have this great dog. 

Wiz 380

I have to say the older Wizard get the better he is.  This picture was in the group ring in Long Beach 2014 where they actually made the cut for group Way to go we are so proud of him

IMG_6050 Large Web view02

He is such a ham if there is a camera around

Wizard Rainny

Wizard playing with the puppies

Wizards mom


Wizard and Whoopie kicking it on the couch after a long day at play


GRCH BLUEGKS EAT UR HEART OUT BOYS (Fuso) proudly co-owed by Tracey Gillies and Electra Blair
Fuso won the Award of Excellence in the 2011 Top Ten competition on Thursday. Fuso finished 2011 as the top rat terrier bitch in the country and with this award was the #2 Rat Terrier. We are so very proud of Fuso's accomplishments in 2011 and are looking forward to seeing her offspring in the ring beginning in July. This is judge Melissa Kidd and Tracey with Fuso

Whoopie wizz

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