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Whoopie is now retired but she still runs our house and makes sure all is goingt eh way she wants it to go

PEN HIP                                    O.F.A. CARDIAC                   PLL Carrier


UFCH USCH NATIONAL GRAND CHAMPION KING PEN WHOOPIE LEE BIMBS BIS CGC                                                               RAT TERRIER SPECIALTY WINNER IN 2 DIFFERENT STATES                                                                                                                   #2 TOP TEN RAT TERRIER 2004                                                                                                                                                                      #9 TOP TEN FINALIST 2005 HIGHEST ANY RAT TERRIER HAS EVER ACCOMPLISHED                                                                 #9 TOP TEN RAT TERRIER         2005                                                                                                                                                                 NATIONAL GRAND CHAMPION 2006

This is our Whoopie Lee she loves everybody and everything. She rules our house even now.  She came to us from Joann and Ray Draper at King Pen Kennels. Whoopie Lee is and always will hold a very special place in our hearts, we love her so. In 2004 we took her out and promoted her in the conformation ring and Whoopie made the Top 10 list as number 2 for 2004 so we decided to go the Premier. All we can say is WOW!!  We went into our Top Ten ring and won Best of Breed. Later that day we had to go in the semi finals. We got made it into the Top 20 for all the show dogs for 2004. This is the first time a Rat Terrier has even got into the top 20!  I donít know about Whoopie but I was a nervous wreck. The Top Ten Finals was very fancy that year, we had to go out and buy a fancy dress for me to wear but guess what it was well worth every minute of it.  We placed #9.   I was so shocked and proud!   As you can, the pictures below shows how much she likes to Swim. Whoopie also likes to play Ball, run the Lure Course, Terrier Racing and do Go to Ground. Whoopie is one of the most lovable dogs we have ever had.

Here are some of our favorite pictures hope you enjoy them.

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Camping 9-26-10 023 Medium Web view
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Whoopie 3 Medium Web view
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