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Well here is our Oz; he has grown into such a great dog. Oz loves to play ball, swim, and anything to do with running and hunting. He is all that we hoped for and more in the breed. Oz finally won his certificate of Merit in A.K.C.  He had to get receive 15 points in order to get it.  This was hard since most of the time it was just him and Annie. since this time we have retired Oz as our stud but please donít tell him that ok, as he does not not it and doubt he ever will.

PEN HIPPED                                         O.F.A. CARDIAC                               PLL NORMAL

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GRCH KING PENíS OZ OVER THEE RAINBOW USR UFR BIMBS BEST OF BREED RAT TERRIER SPECIALTY                    #5 TOP TEN RAT TERRIER 2005                                                        TOP TEN BEST OF BREED FOR 2005


Oz is doing one of the things he likes the best which is hunting.  He will spend the whole time hunting when we are camping if you let him.  (That is if there isnít any water to play in.)

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